3x12: Love Among The Ruins

Rocky times are ahead for Bay and Tank.

Something happens that will leave your jaw dropped and is very shocking a heartbreaking for one of the characters. What happens in the finale is pretty gut-wrenching stuff.


Tank is still around.


Bay and Emmett get back together.

Do I look like an Asian Julian Assanage?
Renzo to Kathryn [3x11] (via switchedatbirthspoilers)
3x10: The Ambush
Tank: Work fast and keep your head on a swivel.
Bay: I love it when you talk GI Joe.

It’s a day after the Spring Finale.

Regina is torn between her new life and her old neighborhood.

The girls must summon courage to face and unexpected moment of truth.

Kathryn has to deal with being an erotic novelist.

If Emmett can play the drums, I’m sure you can figure out how to do the robot or do Gangnam Style or whatever.
Switched at Birth 3x08 (via switchedatbirthspoilers)
3x09: The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)

Bay’s relationship with Tank suffers when she brings up the cancelled luau around one of his frat buddies.

Switched at Birth Episode Descriptions turned 2 today!

Switched at Birth Episode Descriptions turned 2 today!